About the Temple of DZA

About the Temple:
The Temple is a timesuit and evolving consciousness. The walls of the Temple are melanated and receive a wide signal array from the sun.

About DZA:
DZA is part dream, part real. Citygod medicine man and kung fu mystic, the closest translation in the english language for DZA’s true nature is: Baytime Vader. He possesses trickster-god powers, such as the ability to bend time, turn invisible, and laugh at the most fucked up shit.

DZA is an MC, and if you don’t know the difference between an MC and a rapper, this is either the right or the wrong blog for you.

DZA loves the earth and all the creatures on it, most especially the ones who are not that civilized. He is partial to oak and redwood trees, obsidian, people who can hold an entire conversation without looking at their phones, spiders smaller than a penny, cats, and women with abundant sass.

Once upon a time DZA traded the spotlight for a black robe and the quiet life of a hermit, but it got boring. Now he’s back, stirring up mischief and holding politically incorrect views.

DZA Supreme Alphabeticals.


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