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Scrooges of Shit

What do you suppose the effects are when a large percentage of human beings have their big mammal brains bombarded with constant video stimulation? There’s all kinds of science about what it does to your system, and the symptoms that … Continue reading

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The Gladiator Kid

Sometimes a Neo Ascetic like myself has to take a break from all that monkishness and dive into the festering pool of pop culture. I do it rarely and with great caution. Is it to keep a finger on the … Continue reading

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A Case for the Digital Turntable

First let me lay down my Turntablism philosophy. Now, I never scratched a record in my life, but I’m deep in the Air element if you get my dillz. If you’re a DJ repping elemental, you must spin wax. No … Continue reading

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DZA Alphabeticals

I am the: D – Divine and Destroy (blade of life)(choice)(will)(decision)(judge)(separate)(distinguish) Z – Zig-Zag-Zig (Knowledge Wisdom Understanding)(360 degrees)(encompassing)(vibration)(frequency)(holistic understanding) A – A.L.L.A.H. – Arm Leg Leg Arm Head (five elements)(human)(star)(sun)(god)(culture seed)

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Earth Element Funk

I refuse to watch the screen tell me who I am through the mouth of an image. Whose voice do they speak with? Who are these people? What is this fucking screen, and why is it everywhere? Is there a … Continue reading

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