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Rap Styles

I’ve always been hella picky about the music I listen to, especially with hip hop. If I’m really feeling something I’ll bump it for months on end, learn all the words, etc. But if a song doesn’t grab me in … Continue reading

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American Alien

There has never been anything like you. Never. And I don’t mean new age meme snowflake feel good bullshit type of “never,” I mean never like never, like– You’re an alien. A new creation. From a culture newborn to the … Continue reading

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Time Vading on the Highway to Vegas

Dear friend, Like a sudden memory I feel it coming on, the flash of a bizarre experience. I’m in Hunter Thompson’s las vegas in 1971, high on the sheer speed of the digital information age, wearing the vivid suit of … Continue reading

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A Case for the Digital Turntable

First let me lay down my Turntablism philosophy. Now, I never scratched a record in my life, but I’m deep in the Air element if you get my dillz. If you’re a DJ repping elemental, you must spin wax. No … Continue reading

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Avatar Can Kiss My Ninja Ass

“DZA,” you ask, “Where can *I* learn about imperial hate and destruction?” Well, you’ve come to the right place. Everything you need to know is embedded in the recent movie Avatar, which you almost certainly have seen, unless you already … Continue reading

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DZA Alphabeticals

I am the: D – Divine and Destroy (blade of life)(choice)(will)(decision)(judge)(separate)(distinguish) Z – Zig-Zag-Zig (Knowledge Wisdom Understanding)(360 degrees)(encompassing)(vibration)(frequency)(holistic understanding) A – A.L.L.A.H. – Arm Leg Leg Arm Head (five elements)(human)(star)(sun)(god)(culture seed)

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