Divide by Zero

Math is dumb. And I don’t mean the study or the field of math is dumb, I mean it more like if math was your autistic cousin. It can only think in terms of quantity and abstractions. The world is a living being, and forcing it into quantification and abstraction is like forcing a woman into high heels and corsets.

As a kid I was fascinated and disturbed when teachers told me that it was impossible to divide by zero. Huh? But you can multiply by zero, thus annihilating any given number. Whether it’s 7 or 7 million, if you multiply by zero, you get zero. But if zero is nothing, how can you tell me I can’t divide by nothing? What if I simply refuse to divide?

As per requirement of the matrix, election season means a dramatic energy dump into the system, as everyone argues and promotes and campaigns and rants and raves and everything else that we are trained to do. At 36 years old, I’ve seen quite a bit of this already. I remember when the “democrats” blamed all the Nader voters for putting Dubya in the white house. It was absurd then, and it’s absurd now.

All of the dialogue fills me with the same fascination and disturbance that I got when told I could not divide by zero.

There are many unseen things I am required to believe in order to participate in the voting process, or even to participate in arguments about it. One is that the united states has a legitimate claim to govern the landbase that it occupies. As a black indian, that fills me with amusement and contempt; picture a legion of social media junkies in germany circa 1940 bullying jews over their refusal to vote for nazi candidates, and you’ll have an idea of how I feel about it.

I must pretend that voting is NOT participation in a ceremonial-ritual act that spiritually and emotionally affirms a planet-devouring industrial order.

I must believe that voting has some genuine influence in how the government of occupation governs. On the whole, this is demonstrably false. I could provide links and research, but really, if you’re the kind of person who has subscribed to the required beliefs, all the information in the world will not sway you.

I must believe that the person who occupies the presidential seat will somehow affect civilization’s obsessive inertia of life-destruction.

I must believe that the president’s job is to do something other than maintain the existence of the USA, with all the ecological destruction, war, murder, oppression, lies, and evil that entails.

I must ignore all my own knowledge, research, intuition, and wisdom.

I don’t have answers. I know the problem and how to solve it, but the cold story of probability says that if you don’t already share in that knowledge, you don’t want it. This text does not want to convince you; this text is about honesty. A breath of fresh air. If it feels that way to you when you read it, then congratulations; you’re the target audience.

Defang the snake.



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