If you don’t have language to describe something, it’s easy for it to be invisible. Also, it can be very frustrating to feel something, but have no words to describe how you feel. Over the years, I’ve acquired and formulated my own lingo to describe concepts and situations in the world I find myself in. Some of this stuff is conceptual, and some of it is just shit me and my friends say cuz we think it’s funny.

I present these in the hope they may help someone else alleviate their frustration. No, my fellow brown person, you are not crazy.

Test the Melanin
When white culture sets up a P.O.C., usually black, as an adversary or standard of virility, in order to then defeat it. White folks showing how badass they are by fucking up a big, bad, brown person. See: Rocky, 8 Mile, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, really any Marvel movie, and any martial arts movie with a white protagonist and asian villains.

Ring Madness
The mental condition universal to everyone born in Babylon. The fetishization of and  compulsion to exert dominance and power-over, or the fetishization of and compulsion to submit to such power.

Juice the Melanin
Taking power through affiliation with black people. Using associations with black people to seem cooler, more legit, more “down.” See: Rachel Dolezal, any rap video by white MCs.

Someone who perpetrates melanin-juicing.

Droids (clones)
The secular, spiritually-bankrupt children of machine culture. People who pray at the altar of technology, gadgets, and machinery. People whose minds are mostly, if not entirely, controlled by the programming of Babylon. Spacephone addicts/compulsive users.

Emotionally and spiritually draining people. Sexual predators. White people.

People who, knowingly or unknowingly, do the evil work of the system. People who will fight to defend the system and status quo.

A person who takes on new lovers on a regular and frequent basis, or who frequently has multiple concurrent lovers.

Skip, skip-skap
A scallywag who lies to, uses, and deceives their lovers/partners.

Fuck Your Couch
What you think is important is really not important. In fact, you thinking that it’s important is offensive and an insult.

Stretch Out
To get way too comfortable in a space you don’t have a right to be in.

White people.

Drop the Mic
To say or write something powerful and poignant enough to leave folks stunned, silent, overwhelmed, or moved.

Halfrican (Halfxican, Halfinese)
Mixed race people, usually with at least one completely white parent, who are blind to or deny the reality of their place in the racial caste system. As if identifying yourself as “biracial” or “multi-racial” will keep the cops from cracking your nappy skull. Also, the poor, confused folks who are often either trying way too hard to be white, or way too hard to be black/brown.

To take something by force or intimidation, or by assumed right. That cop D-Bo’d my bankroll. My cat just D-bo’d my seat.

White man who fucks, dates, or marries a P.O.C. woman.

P.O.W. (Prisoner of Whiteness)
P.O.C. who seek out white people to fuck/date/marry.

White Tears
White people’s hurt feelings. Frequently the catalyst and cause of torture, mutilation, death and destruction of black and brown people.

Tom Knowledge
The false wisdom of black people who identify with white oppressors and Babylon. The movie Chi-Raq is a manual on Tom knowledge–”we as black people need to do better!” Thanks, Spike.

Lies, a liar; folks who talk out of both sides of their mouth. Also, white people.

Hadoken, super hadoken
A dramatic punch, hit, or strike.

A white woman who uses P.O.C. men as targets for emotional and physical violence, or who seeks out P.O.C. men as lovers/partners. See The Flying Dutchman by Amiri Baraka.

A cigarette. Or a white woman. Both can kill you.

A white man who becomes upset when their white female friends/lovers/partners show attention or affection to P.O.C. men, especially black men.


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