American Alien

There has never been anything like you.


And I don’t mean new age meme snowflake feel good bullshit type of “never,” I mean never like never, like–
You’re an alien. A new creation. From a culture newborn to the earth.

You’re american.
Spell that shit with a capital A, god damn it, AMERICAN, capital every fucking thing

Alien, as in:
Stray motherfuckers from all over the earth stirred up together–
with former slave/peasant/king/savage/asshole merchant motherfuckers
with a pinch of armageddon genocide leftover motherfuckers who walked their
lands for hella thousands of years.

Hella thousands of years doing basically the same shit. breathe eat drink shit piss fuck love gather hunt dance chill in the clean air and water and land and… and… Well, you’d know if you listened.

Anyway, forget those heathens, we were always better than them. We’re evolved and shit. You can tell from our text messages.

We’ve only been doing our industrial civilized borg dance for like maybe a couple hundred years
so of course it hurts like birth pains. We’re still on the umbilical cord. When I sniff the air and listen to the screams I get the feeling this baby is doomed.

But there’s never been anything like you, like us and we and whatever is in-between or beyond that. We’ll stir it all up, put that shit in the pot!

The only foreigners we know are in other countries. Don’t any of you here speak english? Fuck your culture, we run this fucking planet, and we’ll take you along for the ride if you’re lucky enough not to catch one of these payroll dictators. Trujillo my hero!

If not, I might care next week, but it’ll be hard, cuz, well, a real family is a human community that’s bonded by blood AND BY LAND and we barely can even tell there’s land because we have concrete instead.

You there, machine creature! That’s right, you reading this! show me your batteries!


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2 Responses to American Alien

  1. Big Jay says:

    Got to say, one of your best! JRL

  2. j! says:

    “Anyway, forget those heathens, we were always better than them. We’re evolved and shit. You can tell from our text messages.” It’s our over-sized thumbs that give us the evolutionary leap. Every one else is just an advanced primate with barely functional thumb digits.

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