Scrooges of Shit

What do you suppose the effects are when a large percentage of human beings have their big mammal brains bombarded with constant video stimulation? There’s all kinds of science about what it does to your system, and the symptoms that are invoked. Hella science. I could look it up, but I won’t, because really, who gives a shit?


That is exactly the effect. We are the Scrooges of shit. We give not a one.

Some of us do, for some things. But even then, not much. Just enough to get by.

As for the epic load of distilled video bullshit, is anybody passionate about it? Of course, there’s a few, the ones with the anxious light in their eyes about the latest reality show or whatever, who miss not a moment of their favorite brain spam. There’s always a few. Every temple has its priests. Somebody’s gotta be the asshole.

If you give too much of a shit about anything meaningful these days, the zombies start looking at you funny. Like they might have to one day feast on your brain, or maybe fuck you.

I was about to write an ill sentence using word that rhymes with “spectro pile,” but I realized that crazy p-o …r_ -n trawlers will show up to my blog while searching for their favorite disease. How many people are there like this around, who seem to be there just to fuck it up for the rest of us? We manufacture them, too.

Have you been that person yet? Are you that person now?

I want to pass through the gates. What gates? Where do they lead? What the fuck am I talking about? Is it irritating to see all these question marks? What if I just tell you that these are the new exclamation points? Hell yeah???

Three dimensional dreams that stink and laugh and grip and touch. Typing at these keys, I jump from moment to moment.

Stop looking at me funny.


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