The Cult of the One Ring

To the Now
Greetings from your neighborhood DZA. It has come to my attention (by living life) that we dudes have some seriously fucked up attitudes regarding women. These attitudes are deeply embedded in both human and robotic cultures.

As humans under the imprint of history, we carry these mindsick frequencies and move the song along with our thoughts, words, and deeds.

Our timelines are ruled by the Cult of the One Ring, the Will to Dominate. With a spiritual philosophy celebrating cruelty, subjugation, and humiliation, the most common name for this cult is “masculinity.”

This cult has extensive propaganda texts, in both static forms (print, photo), and moving forms (behavior, speech, video). The most common names for this propaganda are “education,” “pornography,” “sports,” and “beauty.”

Those of us who are MC’s must realize that we carry the fire brighter than any. Those of us who bring this fire must also realize that KNOWLEDGE IS THE FIFTH ELEMENT OF HIP-HOP.

The line is drawn. You walk this path, or you don’t. I have chosen to walk it.

To the Future
As a dude in the process of curing my dudeness, I have realized that I have a duty and responsibility to both reform my own behavior and address the behavior of those around me.

Therefore, I present a path to Knowledge. Like all Knowledge, you won’t get it if you’re not looking for it. Like all Knowledge, it won’t mean anything without the other 240 degrees.

You will get the full value if you give the time to read past entries and comments. Mouth shut, eyes open.

And we had in our right hand seven stars:
and out of our mouth went a sharp two-edged sword:
and our countenance was as the sun shines in its strength.
And when we saw us, we fell at our feet as dead
-Revelation 1:14

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