A Case for the Digital Turntable

First let me lay down my Turntablism philosophy. Now, I never scratched a record in my life, but I’m deep in the Air element if you get my dillz. If you’re a DJ repping elemental, you must spin wax. No ifs, buts, or blahs. I’m talking 360’s on vinyl, scritching leaving fingerprints scratch master. DJ’s flip diamond needles.

If you do not flip diamond needles, you are not a DJ.

If instead you run executables (that’s computer programs, professor) you are a DJibot (pronounced: dihh – JEE – bot).

Digital robo-spinner. Terminator steez roboNoid, amalgam of sapes and synthetics. CYBORG.

DJ = Wax = Elemental Force. Roofs burn cuz flames blow higher on ill cracks.

DJibot = synthetic = android = almost-but-not-quite = BLAH.

Now, that being said, I just had a realization that I’m sure legions of DJibots have already had, if they’re not having it at the exact moment that I’m having it:

With a digital turntable, you can scratch and mix any sound you can record!

Technology has made it easy to sample any sound you can get access to. Want to mix in a movie quote? Play the video and record the audio. Some can record sound directly to their computer while playing a video. I personally hold the mic up to my speaker as its playing. How ever you can get it down, once you have a digital file, the digital turntable can mix it in with whatever sound you’re casting.

Think of the possibilities. Mixing and scratching your own digital music, without the expense of pressing it on vinyl. Mixing and scratching your friends’ digital music. Making your own acapella discs and playlists.

This is DJ business. That means, don’t let the DJibots in on it, or they’ll fuck it up before we can sauce it up.


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